Nigeria, Miss Homeland

Age 18 - 27

FREE Contestants' Application for the State To National is open

and closes September 15th, 2019


National competition Age 18 - 27 at Ibadan


Poise, grace, and elegance  


Unique talents or gifts

Organizational skills, time management, and life balance

Self advocacy for their health and surroundings

Awareness of global health issues and willingness to communicate this to others


We believe all contestants will benefit from this competition, resulting in personal growth and enrichment. In addition, all contestants can become health advocates for themselves, their communities, and the world at large. This is a competition to improve lives and build a stronger future generation.


National winner compensation include:


● National Title

● Crown and sash

● Up to N500,000 Cash award

Gifts from our sponsors

● Medal of Honor and prestige for supporting health and education around the world

Opportunity to take the pageant to your state and more


More information is available in the welcome package that will be sent to you upon submitting your entry information application

Below are the causes in the hearts of MaryJay Health and Education alliance


Support for Health for Nigeria children, women and Men Support for education and entrepenuership skill for children in Nigeria


For assistance call 0703-307-8774

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Closes September 15, 2019

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