Did you know that healthy living in America is an equal opportunity for all?

 November 12th, 2011 

Mary-Jay Health and Education is sponsoring a pageant with passion for healthy living and a longer life span for everyone.   

A team of beauties and scholars have came up with a plan and the Mary-Jay Health and Education Alliance will be selecting new set of advocates to carry the touch.   

Your health is your life. As Billy Graham said, “When wealth is lost nothing is lost, but when health is lost all is lost.” The Mary-Jay Alliance believes that prevention is better than intervention. Everyone can be as healthy as they want to be, if care is taken. The buzz on how to do this is packaged in this Mary-Jay national event and in Healthline Magazine. Beauty queens from different states will come forward to compete on the basis of why they should be the one to carry this touch of hope. You can find all the details on how to join this team at www.beautybenefit.org/nationalupdate.htm. We can put an end to diseases such as cancer, diabetes, asthma, immune disorders, etc, if we incorporate some simple changes to our daily regimen.

 When parents and their children talk about why they are competing in this pageant, they talk about what it represents, the mission of creating a better future for their family. The pageant is not just about pretty faces or money prizes, but a greater purpose.

Contestants understand that health disparities affecting underprivileged youth are shaped by  factors within their social environment. Attacking the underlying causes of educational and health disparities—poverty, noxious physical environments, inaccessibility of health care and social services, segregation and racism—is a moral necessity. There are no simple solutions to these complex and recalcitrant problems, and schools cannot be solely responsible for addressing them.

 Collectively, the Alliance believes an early focus on health awareness can help prevent later problems. This is a global problem that affects our economy and future generations. Lack of quality healthcare and education impacts millions of children around the world, especially in developing countries. Parents often lack prenatal care and children lack basic healthcare, proper diagnosis, and nutrition.

 The Alliance has a series of programs including beauty pageants, a magazine, a radio station, a movie channel, and a website to highlight the leading health and education advocates in your state. All of the national pageant delegates are state winners that have joined our campaign to address issues of healthy living, bullying in schools, confidence-building, and public service as their personal missions. The contestants started their world-community service within our organization and specifically our beauty and brain pageants. Their ultimate goal is to help make a difference that will change the world for the better while they grow up to be better persons and citizens.